Learn About Rheumatoid Lung Disease

Have you ever heard about rheumatoid lung disease?

It is known as a set of lung issues connected to rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune illness that creates chronic inflammation of the joints). This lung disease consists of different syndromes such as high blood pressure in the lungs, respiratory infections, pulmonary fibrosis, fluid accumulation in the chest and lung nodules. It has also been noticed that a number of rheumatoid arthritis patients are affected by lung cancer.

However, there is no distinct reason for this illness to be linked to rheumatoid arthritis. Some people said that medicine used for the latter treatment might result in the former. If you feel some symptoms such as fever, breathing issues, coughs and chest pain, it might be related to rheumatoid lung disease. Additionally, there are other signs like joint swelling, joint stiffness, skin nodules and joint pain.

How to diagnose this disease?

A doctor will apply some different laboratory tests like a CT scan or X-ray in order to discover and diagnose rheumatoid lung disease. In some cases, he uses an echocardiogram to identify the blood pressure change in the lungs. An open or bronchoscopic lung biopsy is sometimes favored. In this way, a small part of the patient’s lung tissue will be cut out through surgery and is examined for any lung disease, cancer or infection.

Another examination called "thoracentesis" is also carried out. This clears away the fluid accumulated in the chest. It’s completed by inserting a needle into the area between the wall of the chest and the outer layer of the lungs. This check is regulated either to provide relief to the patient or find out the reason for fluid accumulation. Even a normal scan with the stethoscope might disclose some cracking sounds in the patient’s chest.

How about the treatment?

The cure is primarily concentrated on the underlying illness and the problems arising out of that disease. Corticosteroids and immunosuppressive therapies (consists of an act that diminishes activation of the immune system and is utilized to cure autoimmune disorders) are found to be helpful in some situations.

Normally, rheumatoid arthritis is most common in women but if you are a man you might have a high chance of getting rheumatoid lung disease. About 30 to 40% of people with rheumatoid arthritis suffer from irregularities in the working of the lungs. Except for rheumatoid arthritis, smoking too much is also a crucial role in enhancing the lung disease.

Note: My post is just for informational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for expert medical advice. In case you have any symptoms related to this disorder, please visit your doctor to find the best way to treat it.


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